Film: 11775

Aviation | 1910 | Silent | B/W


First Paris to London air service. A quite large biplane taxiing to camera with man standing up in rear compartment. Stationary aircraft with two people wearing goggles looking through open porthole type windows. Plane has 'Aircraft Transport Travel' written on the side. Female passenger leans out of the two-seater cabin and hands paper to official. Man holds paw of dog which sits in the cabin and lifts dog out. Aircraft moving on ground. Woman climbs out of cabin, as does man. Soldier in cabin has newspapers tucked under his arm as he smokes and shakes hand of official on ground. Other group of men on ground with elderly man pouring a drink from a straw-lined bottle of spirits into a small glass which he drinks, another man takes a bite from a sandwich. A vehicle approaches the aircraft and a device is attached to the four-bladed propeller. Two men wearing white coats get out of aircraft. Aircraft moves along on grass.

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