Film: 11777

Dance | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Chorus Girls rehearsing a dance routine.

Interitle: 'If only'.
'Just one of a few girls who sigh for a life on the stage'

A person sits behind an open newspaper with the heading 'The Stage' before putting it down reavealing herself.
A typed note saying
"The Island Princess. All Brits Musical Comedy Company, 'call'. The Full chorus to be read at 9.15 a.m".
Three women walking together in the street. More women join them to enter gateway to a building. They change into their dancewear and limber up doing excercises and stretching.

Intertitle 'Rehearsals are so easy… you only have to do this for about six hours a day'.
The Chorus girls watch as an instructor gives them a demonstration dancing on the floor. The Chorus girls then do the same routine in a long line.

Intertitle: 'Trying on costumes just for a change'.
The girls excitedly put on their costumes.
Interitle: 'What a life for a rest cure'.
Then a man keeps them in order but sends one away home.

Interitle: 'If only she knew…'.
Back to the woman sat in a room dreaming before she sadly looks down.

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