Film: 11788

Feature Comedy | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Mixed Babies - Comedy by Frank Mottershaw of Sheffield. 1900's

A small brick shop with a big display and advertisements in the window. A ladder leans against the side of the shop. A boy wearing a cap carrying a bag and a rolled up newspaper under his arm passes by. A man with a pram follows behind him. The boy turns and looks at him. The man rests the pram outside the shop and goes inside. The boy walks up and down suspiciously. A woman walks straight into the shop. Another woman with a bonnet pushes a pram to the shop from the other direction. The boy loiters into view again. She leaves her pram the other side of the shop door. She kisses and smiles at her baby then goes into the shop. A dog appears in front of the shop and sniffs around. Struck by an idea the boy points at the two prams as if sharing it with the dog and goes over to the man's pram. He lifts the baby from his pram and swaps it with the baby in the woman's pram. He then stands outside the shop and waits. The man leaves the shop, takes hold of the pram and walks away. The woman leaves the shop and notices straight away that her baby has been swapped. She throws her hands in the air and shouts and hits at the boy. He points up a hill in the direction of the man. She scurries away with the pram up the hill and the boy falls about laughing. The woman chases the man with her baby up the hill. They swerve with the difficulty of dragging the prams up the steep hill. A man on a bike is running up behind them motioning behind him. A policeman comes over to him and he gestures up the hill. The policeman joins the chase, blowing his whistle and waving his hands in the air. Around a corner and the woman catches up with the man and tries to swap the babies back. The man pushes the frantic mother away and continues his journey. The policeman catches up and the woman gives the man's baby to him. She continues the chase with the bumbling policeman following behind. The man is running to get away from the woman who is still in pursuit. As the policeman catches up with her he trips and falls in front of the pram with the baby still in his arms. She rights the pram and carries on. The policeman is slowing and throws the baby over a wall. The baby is thrown straight back into his arms. He shrugs and follows the chase slowly.


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