Film: 1180

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Canadian Army Newsreel 1940's world war two
Canadian troops on Leave in Paris. Canadian soldiers in uniform passing sign that states 'Canadian club'. Two soldiers in bedroom. They sit on their separate beds. The two men scrubbing their necks and faces in separate basins (no shirts but trousers). Soldiers approach reception, woman sitting at desk, she points at map on desk as soldiers look on the soldiers talking to a female ticket agent (Parisian poster behind her and on desk front) Woman in shop showing soldier silk scarf. Soldiers heading towards building with 'Hospitality and Information' written above its entrance. Long desk with women sitting behind it. One hands a ticket to soldier. Woman sitting behind 'walking Tour' sign. She talks to soldier. Woman pointing at map of Paris on wall. Soldiers with female guides in Paris. At foot of Eiffel Tower, camera tilts up. The Arc de Triomphe. Bridges over the River Seine. Soldiers sitting in wall eating and drinking.

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