Film: 1192

London | 1930 | Silent + Sound | B/W


London Zoo 1930's
Llamas and ponies pulling carts of visitors at Zoo. Elephant sticks trunk through bar to take buns from public. Polar bear begging for buns. Tiger stalking up and down inside cage. Lion stripping meat from bone. Panda eating bamboo. Chimpanzee playing with tyre. Penguins being pushed into pool by keeper, climbing out, walking in group. Brief shot of people outside aviary.
Zoo Time: Tigers in cage, keepers pushing trolley full of meat and feeding lions. Lions and tigers eating. Giraffes eating leaves and food from public. Penguins, children watching. Sea lions. People outside fence looking at brown bear begging for food and pacing enclosure. Elephant taking buns from public, bathing and giving rides to children. Hippopotamus opening mouth and being thrown food. Close up of parrot. Black bears playing in water. Polar bear eating in water, chewing bars of cage. Chimps tea party, keeper holding chimp, meeting public.
Whipsnade: Tigers in cage; enclosures; London Zoo (old footage) elephant with seat on back; being removed; having bath.
Sound: Baboon yawning; people with mouths open laughing; yawning. Leopard yawning. Old lady yawning. Tiger and Hippo yawning. People on benches, baby in pram. Ladies with papers and handkerchiefs on head. Storks.

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