Film: 1198

Industry + Work | 1940 | Sound | Colour


This is the story of British Steel Production from the excavation of the Iron Ore through to the manufacture of high quality steel, post World war two 1940's
Opening scene shows the stoking of furnaces. A group of men busy stoking, pouring molten steel from a crucible. The steel laboratories where testing of strength and quality is taking place. Camera pans from green fields to an open cast iron ore mine. Huge diggers excavate the ore and load it into railway wagons. Hand held example of what Iron Ore looks like. View of a Steel Works, railway wagons arrive with delivery of ore for processing. Coal being fed into ovens comes out as coke which is then piled into moving wagons. Lots of flames. View over the steel works. A conveyor belt moves skips of coke dumping them into the blast furnaces. A plant worker monitors the furnace. Molten iron runs in channels into hoppers, immense heat and flames. Man shovels overspill back into the channels. A steam engine transport vats of the iron to the bessemer plant for processing into steel. Molton iron is poured from a huge ladle into a converter. Workers supervising the process stand beneath showers of molton sparks. Men in overcoats and hats look on. The Chief Melter keeps a careful eye on this process as buckets pour contents into the converter. Lots of roaring flames.

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