Film: 1202

Industry + Work | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Forestry and Timber. A lumber camp, it includes steamhauled 4-4-0 locomotives and lumber trains 1930's

The hardwood forest of western Australia. Jarrah and Karri trees grow to 250 feet. Woodman knocks axe into the side of a huge tree. Pan up the tree. Two men on a scaffold cut a wedge out of the truck, side view, then they use a two handled saw with two other men working on other tree behind. They jump out of the way when the tree comes crashing down. Amazingly primitive looking motor saw is used to make logs. Bullock teams of ten oxen in harness haul logs to the railway. Men, horses, and oxen work with a large log. Winchs and wire lines are used to guide the logs through the forest. Horses are used for the more difficult terrain. Perhaps 20 or more together, pull a large log a suspended between two wheels. The logs are rolled onto a transporter. The timber train, perhaps narrow gauge and probably wood fired steam locomotive, winds its way through the forest. The train arrives at the depot of the wood yard of the mill. The logs are rolled off. Steam driven saw slices the log into two and then by machine various planks and blocks are made.

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