Film: 1204

Science | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Early U.K. Science films that help popularise science between 1910 and late 30's.

This film contains four different extracts:

The first is "The electrolysis of metals", 1910 by Charles Urban.
The second is "Infant Welfare in the Bird World", the first in the series "Secrets of Nature", 1920 by H.Bruce Woolfe and Charles Head: this film shows a woodpecker's nest in a hole in a tree and the woodpecker feeding its chicks.
The third is "The cultivation of Living Tissue", 1924 by Dr R.G.Canti, this film shows the rabbit fertilized ovum going through successive divisions to form a young embryo.
The fourth is Dr R.R. X-Ray films used in medical diagnosis, 1923, the film shows the first experiment performed in 1921: a scale is X-ray, also in 1927 a wrist and ankle are X-rayed and repeated in 1938 by an X-ray of a foot on top of a piano.

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