Film: 1206

Personalities | 1920 | Silent | B/W


John Drinkwater and his wife, Daisy Kennedy at their house at Brampton, Huntingdon. 1920's
Car seen arriving through the open door of the house. Woman waves with handkerchief at the car. Man in plus fours arrives. It is Drinkwater. They enter the house together. Their house was that of Samuel Pepys. They sit together under a tree reading, with a cat. It runs away. Daisy Kennedy plays the violin, she is silhouetted against the window. He fills a watering can outside and waters the garden. Close up of Drinkwater at his desk with books, in a study. Close up of a page he is writing. Mr Drink water also collects stamps. He flicks through a stamp album with a large magnifying glass in his hand. Close up of the magnifying glass showing a stamp with Abraham Lincoln on it. A letter signed by Oliver Cromwell and another of Lincoln.

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