Film: 1211

Road Transport | 1930 | Silent | B/W


The wheel.
Pre-historic or Stone Age man, wearing a skin, carries and drags a dead goat. Then two men drag a dead animal on a litter. Moving great stones, of the Stonehenge type with rollers. They use levers to help put rollers under the stones and move them to the shore. They use a small boat. Stone Age man make first round wheels and put them on an axle and hit them with a hammer. Two roman soldiers superimposed onto a map of Britain. Roman / Saxons wheels on carts. Saxon man pollards a tree. Woman bundles up sticks and puts them on a cart. Middle Age litter. Tudor times and prints . Stage Coach, past mail coach with man and horn. The "Curricle" two seater light coach with coach man standing behind. "The Hobby Horse" bicycle, the fore runner of the bicycle. "The Boneshaker", man propels it along with his feet.
" The Penny farthing" about 1870.
Lady with tricycle. two small side wheels and one large side wheel.
Early motor cars, with driver in goggles, without pneumatic tyres drives in the countryside. Traffic montage with wheels superimposed. Planes, cars, buses, bicycles, motorbikes.

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