Film: 1215

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Switzerland 1940's
Black and white map of Switzerland. Group of horses located at the foot of the matterhorn. Cut to shot of boy and father working a carving for tourists. Hey sit at a table, in front of them an array of tools is laid out. The father chooses a piece of wood. He sends his son to tend the goat. Boy amongst large herd of goats. While he tends the goats the boy practices his wood carving. The young boy sets off to deliver his fathers woodcarving to an American woman in (Vindehall?) Cut to young boy walking up mountainside. Who stops at a shrine where travellers stop to pray. He is observed by two other boys, who steal the woodcarving, and run off down the hillside. The boy remains unsure about what to do. Should he give the American woman his carving, which is of lesser quality. The young boy approaches the woman tentatively and attempts to pass off his wood carving as the one originally intended for her. Note that all of these shots utilizes the dramatic alpine mountain scenery around the Matterhorn. The young woman displays the many gifts she is taking back to the USA. Cut to shot of city where the bulk of fine watches and clocks are made. Close up of a music box. Brief shot of village. Old woman and young children walking . Humorous hand carvings. A man opens and closes his mouth. A young girls eyes rotate by moving the parts of the wood carving apart. Exterior shot of school in Rien,. Interior shots of school with wood panelling. Animals and human figures being carved by the students. Boys narrator voice tells us about the questions he asked the American woman. First, what places in Switzerland had she visited?. The lion of Lausanne. Footage of the town in Switzerland known as the home of William tell (indecipherable from soundtrack). Statue of William Tell. Gardens of the monastery of St. Bernard, with St. Bernard dogs playing. Top of snow covered funicular railway. Same railway but this time in summer. The falls of the Rhein River. The young woman accepts the boys hand carving. Seppi accepting the money as payment.
'Later after Seppi has told his father everything' Seppi milks one of the goats. Seppi is so happy he falls over.

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