Film: 1219

Places + Locations | 1940 | Silent | Colour


Docks and Harbours 1940's
Opening intertitle: "On our last day in town Margaret, George and I went to the docks again." A young couple and a friend look out over a harbour at the large looming ships nearby. They watch a tug boat make its way out to sea. A ship - 'The Johannesburg' - is viewed by the trio in the dry dock.
Intertitle: "From the top of the crane we looked down on the docks and river." Shot of quayside, looking down on a horse and cart taking some cargo out of the port. Long shot of Glasgow University with docks and ships in the foreground. Panning shot down the River Clyde showing busy shipyard with several ships berthed on either side of the river and shipyard cranes in the background. Activity from ships going to and fro from one side of the Clyde to the next. Brief shot of steam railway near river. Overhead shot of railway engines on ship, possibly for export abroad.
Intertitle: "We went to the liner and our officer friend showed us the Wireless Direction Finder." The three are accompanied by a naval officer to the top deck of the ship.
Intertitle: "We also watched the river traffic." Power station in the West End of Glasgow near Partick with a confusion of cranes in the background. One of these - the only crane capable of lifting railway wagons and heavy artillery - can be clearly seen in the background. This crane remains in the same place today.
Intertitle: "Tugs pulled the ship away from the Quay." Busy traffic passing to and fro across the Clyde.
Intertitle: The River Pilot gave engine-speed orders to the officer, steering orders to the officer. Cut to close-up of old-fashioned machinery on deck used to pass instructions to engine room.
Cut to ship being steered by wheel by young quartermaster. Intertitle: " … and so guided the ship down the river channel." Panning shot down River Clyde showing dense confusion of ship-yard cranes and berthed ships. A murky Glasgow University building can be seen far off in the distance. Half-built ships of all sizes compete for space with the shells of new ones just started. Brief long shot of Glasgow tenements in the background. A small tug boat makes its way up the Clyde. Cut to a Glasgow bus with distinctive green livery being driven down towards a ferry ( steam ).
Intertitle: "George went below and watched the engineers controlling the engines." Cut to footage of the young officer watching the instrumentation panels below decks working.
Intertitle: "We all met later in the dining saloon" Cut to shot of young women and naval officers in saloon. (Film washed out and out of focus at this point.)
Intertitle: "Meanwhile the ship had reached the end of the river channel and slowed down for the pilot's boat to come alongside." Cut to panning shot of River Clyde basin with mills in the background.
Intertitle: "We went ashore with the pilot ."
Cut to shot of Clyde pilot's boat.
Intertitle: "… and the ship sailed on - on her way to America." Cut to the ship making its way out of the Clyde into open seas.

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