Film: 1223

Road Transport | 1930 | Sound | B/W


The first driving test with commentary by Sir Malcolm Campbell. Film shows the right and wrong way to do things.

A man in a hat walks up to a building, sign reads "Ministry of Transport, Driving Examiners (Motor Test)". Examiner and pupil get into a car, close-up of the L plates. Standing by the side of the road, pupil gives the instructor his license and insurance certificate. Close-up of a book of the highway code. Man's hand signalling out of the car window - "I'm slowing down", "I'm turning right" and "you may pass". Car drives along the road with tramlines and cyclists, and demonstrates the correct way to overtake. "Never drive like this chap" - A car recklessly overtakes and swerves to miss an oncoming car, a car drives too close to the learner, pulls out at crossroads without looking.
Learner takes a right hand bend on the wrong side almost clipping a car. Parks at the side of the road. Examiner points out of the window. Car pulls away juddering. Reverses back and knocks over a plank of wood, then does it successfully. Reverse parking (not included in the test at this time). Reversing and turning in the road, car goes up on the pavement. Car signals to move out into the road from behind a parked lorry successfully, then shows what happens if you don't signal. Learner looks at the gear stick when changing and ends up mounting the curb. Instructor and pupil get out of the car and he presents him with "Certificate of passing of test of competence to drive".


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