Film: 1226

History | 1960 | Silent | Colour


Shows some of the scenes and objects with which people were familiar in the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1558-1603. Model of ramshackle Elizabethan housing. Elizabethan man sitting at desk writing with quill, rolls letter up, puts ribbon round it, drips wax and stamps it. Elizabethan man working loom is given letter, mounts horse. Typical Elizabethan housing, cobbled streets, half timbered buildings (all exterior). Elizabethan chair, bed, wood carving. Elizabethan criminal in stocks and attempting to avoid vegetables that are being thrown at him (amusing). Elizabethan woman working in mud. Elizabethan drawings. English countryside. Model of horse pulling wagon. Man on horseback, he dismounts and eats while sitting on felled tree trunk. Map of Elizabethan agricultural system. The peasants produced their own food. Plastic farm yard animals appear one by one. More sheep appear because the peasants could get a good price for wool. Shots of sheep grazing. Large Elizabethan manor house. Elizabethan woman rocking wooden cradle. Shot of baby rocking in cradle. A fist knocking on a door, woman rocking cradle stands and answers door, horseman enters, he drinks from jug and cup. Model of Elizabethan tall ship. Map showing what Britain exported and to where. White cliffs of Dover, England.

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