Film: 1233

Shipping | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Trawling out of Probably Milford Haven, Wales 1940's
Fishing Trawlers in Harbour. Aboard " Jacqueline " Boat Leaves Harbour. Nets prepared and breakfast in the gallery. Nets cast. Anchor weighed. Drag Nets in Place. Drag for three hours. Winch in. Fish sorted, back to harbour and loaded onto trucks in baskets.
The boat has a brass bell above the door of the wheelhouse. Even in fine weather the fishermen wear thigh high boots. They smoke cigarettes as they work. They coil the rope on the deck. They get underway and the sail is raised. Man oils moving parts and puts grease around the bollards that the rope will rub against. Oil pulleys and winches. Men throw nets overboard as a team. A large wooden 'door' is attached to heavy chains onto a pulley system that is on one side of the deck, the 'door' is kicked overboard. The helmsman in the wheelhouse puts the boat to slow. Net are laid out and cast. The nets are extended out by letting the ropes out from a large pulley on the centre of the deck. The wooden 'doors' are attached to each end of the net, they cause drag and act as gates to shoal the fish into the net. Once the net is at the required length behind the boat the ropes are secured and the boat is at three quarter speed. After several hours the helmsman gives the signal to haul the nets back on board. The men use a winch to help them pull the net on board. Once the net is dangling above the deck they untie the knot at the end and the fish fall onto the deck. Net is cast back overboard to start the process again. Men sort and gut fish on the deck. The fish are thrown into wicker baskets. Once full they are put in the hold. When they get back to harbour the baskets are winched out of the hold and onto the quay. Then they are loaded onto lorries to take to market.

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