Film: 1234

Places + Locations | 1940 | Silent | Colour


Amateur home movie. Circa 1944, 1945
Lake District of Cumbria in May and September.

View of lake, hills in background. View of wooded hillside. Lady in grey skirt suit, black hat and red purse walks towards camera along a quite country road. View of hillside with piles of cut hay drying in the sun. View of stone building, probably a hotel, across the lake. Looks like Windermere. Woman in grey suit walks along a jetty over the lake, there are two swans nearby. People in background. Lady in grey and two other elderly people sit in deck chairs outside the hotel and chat. View of lake with wooded hills in background. View of lake and island. Reflection of hill in lake. General views of lake and hills. View of cows in a meadow with village and church behind, and mountains - very picturesque. Row boat on the lake. Jetty. 3 people sit in the sun on a bench outside the hotel. Young man and woman on jetty loading things into a large rowing boat, swans nearby. Little boy and little girl stand on pebbled shore and throw stones into the water. Boys and girls stand on quayside holding fishing nets. Swans swim up to them. Picturesque church in centre shot, tree with bench beneath and a little girl runs along the path towards the church. View of road going downhill, mountains in background. Trees and hills. Fast flowing river or stream. View of lake. Sheep grazing. Sunset over the lake, nice colour, good reflections. Row boat crosses the suns reflection in the water. Woman in black hat and view of mountains behind her. Sunset over the lake and the row boat. Views of lake at sunset. Day - men and women sit in sun drinking tea in hotel grounds. Good 1940's fashions. View of road winding towards hills. Row boat on lake, tree in foreground. View of village, stone buildings. Young woman and older woman open a wooden gate and walk through (into a churchyard?). High view of lake and distant hills. Camera pans around showing distant views. Water of the lake is very blue. Older man and woman lie on a grassy hillside above the lake. He takes her hat off and she laughs. Lake shore, two young women throw stones into the water, their hair blows in the breeze and the water is a bit choppy. View of women walking passed a white washed stone farmhouse at the base of a steep mountain. Woman walking down a path with whitewashed buildings, mountains behind. People walk over an arched stone bridge over a stream - very leafy and green. View of white buildings. View of lake, mountains behind. View of river banked by trees. Water runs over a small weir. View of sheep in grassy field above the lake. Lamb drinks from his mother and the ewe looks directly at the camera. Sheep and lambs. Views of the lake. Jetty at sunset , very nice atmospheric shot. Woman walks along quayside at sunsete. 3 women look at the camera, they chat. Man and woman stand near lake, he gives her yellow flowers and puts one in her buttonhole on her jacket. 3 people stand by the lake. They wrap their coats around them, it looks cold. Hillside, views of mountains and lake. View of heavy dark clouds over a mountain. Sunlight on a hillside. Sunset over the lake. High view of mountains. 4 people walk up a grassy hill above the lake. 5 people get into an old big black car, the rear doors open backwards. Boat on lake. People walking off road, not suitably dressed (heels and skirts etc). View of lake. Woman walking down a winding path in a garden or park. People in a park, tall trees, bench, shot pans up to show mountains in background. View of lake. Woman stands in garden or park admiring the flowers and shrubs. She wears a blue skirt suit. Woman in blue walks along path in rockery type garden with conifers. Views of trees and plants in the garden or park. Stone arched bridge over a stream or river, houses behind. Woman stands on bridge. Cattle graze in a meadow, village and church in background and mountains behind. View of lake. View of rowing boats moored at shore, jetty. View of field, person on big bay or brown horse gallops across field. Houses with tall trees behind, mountains in background. Another rider takes a small white pony over a jump in the middle of the field. Boat moored at jetty. Views of mountains and lakes. (ullswater?) View of jetty. Boats moored. Woman in blue crosses a road. Small river rapids or fast stream at the foot of a mountain. Woman in blue sits on a rock on the bank. River with large stone house on the banks. View of lake with woman in blue sitting on the bank. Views of lake and mountains. Sheep and lambs in a field. Village or town, grey stone buildings. River, trees on the bank are loosing their leaves. Stone bridge with several arched spans over the river. Water flows over a weir. Views of lake and mountains. Stone wall and steps. Woman walks down steps. Old oak tree. Close up of leaves on the ground (crazy paving type pavement). Man in black trilby hat holds a hand held camera, he films the camera that is filming him.

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