Film: 1264

Entertainment + Leisure | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Chimpanzee dressed as a cowboy, who works with real cowboys. The group eat breakfast together after a bit up rounding up. Bad cowboys turn up Chimp the cowboy decides to follow them and rides his mule in pursuit. He sees them with stolen money. The chimp waits until they fall asleep at night fall and creeps into their camp and takes their guns. He takes the money, but the bad guys give chase. When the chimp climbs a steep cliff they can't follow. Chimp reaches his mule but the beast is stubborn and despite every encouragement refuses to move. Meanwhile the bad cowboys have retrieved their guns and are riding towards Chimp. Chimp stabs his mule with a prickly cactus and they take off with the bad cowboys in pursuit. There's some monkeying around up a tree while the bad guys try to get Chimp down. They then try to lasso him as he runs away. He makes it to the safety of his ranch and hides the money in the barn. He then "makes monkeys" out of the thieves with pranks in the yard, until his fellow cowboys are held at gun point by the thieves. Chimp comes to the rescue with his rifle and a fight ensues. The good cowboys win and are bad guys are marched away. Chimp becomes sheriff and smokes a pipe.

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