Film: 1267

Royalty | 1940 | Silent | B/W


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Silver wedding anniversary of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1948 with archive footage of the Coronation and Royal wedding.

A crowd in stands; old ladies in coats, furs and hats, two policewomem , a groups of children. Close up of a family group, a baby girl is held up between her parents who point things out to her in a booklet they hold between them which says 'Silver Wedding' on the fornt. A policeman leans down from his horse to talk to a little girl in pigtails. A small boy feeds a horse from his hand. A line of boys and girls sit on a wall, swinging their legs and waving flags. Someone holds up a tiny baby in front of the camera, moving its hand to make it wave a tassled flag. A baby in a pram tries to eat a Union Jack.

Intertitle - 'the Royal Parties leaving Buckingham Palace for St Paul's Cathedral'. The Procession is lead by two white horses with the royal carriage, drawn by a team of eight horses, behind. A closer view of the carriage, open topped, black with the royal crest on the door. The Queen, dressed in a white, feathery costume and hat, and the King, in uniform, are talking together. Facing them is the Princess Margaret, also in white. Close up of another coach, Princess Elizabeth, wearing a fur coat, waves, sitting next to Philip. Elevated shots of the procession passing around the statue outside Buckingham Palace and away up the road, and as the carriages passthrough the streets of London. Intertitle - 'the King accepting the Sword of the City of London from the Lord Mayor at the city boundaries'. Elevated shots as the carriage halts and the Lord Mayor, in black robes and his chain of office, steps forward to the side oft eh carrisge and hands the sword up to the King. The procession continues until it arrives at the steps of St Paul's.

Intertitle - 'Arrival at St Paul's Cathedral for the Thanksgiving service. Shot from the top of the steps as the Archbishop, in black, embroidered robes, clasps a rod in front of him, and leads the King and Queen up the steps beneath a tented archway. The priest takes Elizabeth's hand. Shots of the bell tower, the cross at the top and a longer shot of St Paul's and its surroundings.

Intertitle - 'Flashes back over the years - April 26th 1923'. The royal wedding. Lady Elizabeth with her train seen from the side getting into a coach with a gold-tassled cover. The mounted escort from above, the carriage from behind crowds and the appearance on the balcony, Lady Elizabeth in her wedding dress and the Prince in uniform.

Intertitle - 'May 12th 1937'. Close up of the carriage used for coronations - gold work on the high black carriage and golden statues in front, with footmen on either side. The edge of the King's ermine robe is just visible through the window. Close up as the archbishop in his gown, a cross on the back, raises the crown high, then lowers it onto the King's head (King obscured by heads). The King in his crown and ermine robes with two scepters, on his throne, priests on either side. All three have their heads bowed. The audiewnce in ceremonial dress. The King, a scepter in each hand, moves slowly in the procession out again, his face impassive. The appearance on the balcony - the camera focuses on Queen Mary, the small Princess Elizabeth, and Princess Margaret, who is only just tall enough to see over the edge. All three wear silk dresses and crowns. The crowning of Queen Elizabeth, seen from the side. She kneels , hands clasped in the pew before her, as the Archbishop advances to lower the crown onto her head. High shot of the group inside the cathedral - the King and Queen on their thrones (? Not very clear). The King and Queen on the balcony with the royal ladies in their coronets behind. The young Princesses come forward and stand in front of their parents with Queen Mary.

A pan down from the dome of St Paul's - Intertitles - 'leaving St Paul's Cathedral for the return journey to Buckingham Palace'. After the Silver Wedding ceremony, the King and Queen on the steps of the Cathedral. Princess Elizabeth is next to them, wearing a sash tied across her chest under her fur coat. She turns, smiling, to speak to someone out of the picture. A shot from behind of the King and Queen saying goodbye to the priests on the steps. The procession down the steps with the Archbishop leading. Queen Mary on the arm on a man in uniform, uses a stick to climb down the steps. Other royals (Princess Mary and children?) shake hands with the priest. Other important guests including Churchill. The procession from above, and various shots along the return journey to the palace. The appearance on the balcony; Elizabeth, Margaret and Queen Mary stand at the sides of the royal couple with other members of the royal family behind. The crowd shown from behind. The Queen waves, and smiles, then goes inside, the King and his mother pause for a few moments, waving, before they follow her.

Intertitle - 'the evening drive through the streets of London'. Two black Rolls Royces driving towards the camera out of the gates of the Palace. A procession 0f cars and motorcycles through streets lined with cheering crowds. The Queen and King sit at the back of the car where the hood has been drawn down. Closer shots of them. A 'my goodness, my Guiness' advert in the background. A slow pan over the iluminated palace at night. Intertitle - 'Crowds waiting for their Majesties to appear on the balcony '. Sillouettes of people pressed up against the railings. The balcony lit up behind the dark gates. A flag hanging limp on it pole, the square. The King and Queen come onto the balcony looking happy. Sillouettes of waving hands, and the royal couple wave back.

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