Film: 1269

Shipping | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Four different newsreel clips featuring the liners Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mary. Each is of differing quality and condition.

1. News feature about the Queen Elizabeth.
2. The Queen Mary - amber print, commentary missing.
3. Unknown news footage about the Queen Mary
4. Advertising feature from the Cunard White Star World Wide Travel Service. Liner unidentified.

1. Title screen (over rotating model globe): Ocean Queen's Maiden Voyage of Peace.
Aerial shot of Southampton dock. Queen Elizabeth moored. Smoke rising from funnels. Porters with luggage and passengers board up a ramp. Mr Moltov (Russian minister with trilbly hat and moustache) boards the liner. He salutes to the waiting press photographers. Sir Alan Herbert waves at the crowd on boarding. "Bellboy" style porters walk in a line across the deck carrying bunches of flowers. Sir Norman Birkin (?) and wife smile at the camera. Longshot of the liner. Huge crowd on the dock. Many people wave their hats and white handkerchiefs (on land and on the liner). Aerial shot of Queen Elizabeth leaving the harbour. Liner on the sea with a tugboat alongside it. Slow pan along the length of the vessell. Bunting on the mast. Aerial shot of the liner at sea.
Title screen: New York Greets the Queen Elizabeth.
Aerial shot of the liner. Shot of the side of the vessell - life boats attached. People on deck. Women play tennis. Quoits game (?). Mr Molotov and three other suited men lean against the railings. Mr Molotov takes the wheel. Captain and crew stand around him. Liner at nifght - only the windows visible. Liner on Hudson River. New York skyline in the background. Aerial shot of New York. Queen Elizabeth pulls into the harbour.

2. Scratched, amber print of the Queen Mary at sea.
Queen Mary, Britain's super-ship has a great send off on her maiden voyage.
Porters in bow ties and boaters pick up suitcases from a trolley marked "Star baggage". Smoke billows out of the funnels. Crowd on dock watch liner pull away (less scratched picture). Shot of the dock from the deck of the liner. Captain and crew in the engine room. Close up on the ship's telegraph lever on "Slow" - moved to "Half". Areial shot of Queen Mary at sea flanked by small tugboats.

3. B/W Title screen: The "Queen Mary" goes down to the sea.
Single man at quayside waves a white handkerchief at the Queen Mary as it leaves the harbour with tugboats all around it. Large crowd at the water's edge (not really on the dock) wave at the passing ship. Smoke billows from the funnels. Engine room crew at work.
Intertitle: To the Late Commadore Sir Edgar Britten was first entrusted the coveted command of the "Queen Mary".
Britten and suited man pose for the camera. Longshot of Queen Mary at sea. Shore line or dock is just visible at the foot of the frame. Pan across flank of vessell.
Intertitle: The "Queen Mary" at Southampton.
Grainy shot of the Queen Mary pulling nearer the dock. Dockworkers wait on the quayside. Queen Mary entering its mooring. QM stationary at its mooring. (Scratched shot) People wave off the blaconies of the ship. Stern of the moored vessel in close up.
Intertitle: Her Maiden Voyage.
Well dressed people go up a covered ramp marked "Cabin Passengers' Gangway". Uniformed crew member collects tickets. Funnel and smoke. People on quay wave hats and white handkerchiefs. People on balconies of ship wave back. Two men stand next to the large funnels. Low shot of QM (taken from tugboat ?). Woman in fur stole walks along the deck. Family on deck. Liner sails away flanked by tugs and other small boats. Men climb on rigging. High shot of full ship. Bustle on deck. Longshot of QM sailing away (grainy).

Couple play frisbee on the deck of a cruise liner. Caption appears over the image: "your travel agent will give you full information about Cunard White Star Services and will serve you without charge".

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