Film: 1277

Shipping | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie. Shipping on the Thames 1920's

Sightseeing boat full with passengers moves down the Thames. Two fishing boats moored in the middle of the river. Smaller sightseeing boat. Houses of Parliament, in the background buses cross Westminster bridge, London. Houses of Parliament with Big Ben visible. Sightseeing boat, tugs lined up behind it are visible. Tug pulls barge under Lambeth (?) and Chelsea (?) bridges, female passengers can be seen in the camera's boat. View from ship's bow. Crew walk along gangway, they are officers in uniform. View of ship's bow. Engineer in white overalls and flat cap walks towards bow, faces camera. Second and third men in suits and flat caps walk towards camera. Officer stands with three men, one in suit, overcoat and bowler hat, one in raincoat and flat cap, and one in working clothes and lat cap. They all laugh and smoke, officer fills pipe. He and workman point at something below in amusement, the other two men look and laugh. Officer with pipe, bowler - hatted man and man in suit and flat cap look below over railings. Man in Homburg and overcoat with turned up collar sits on deck and smokes cigarette from a holder. Same man stands next to another man in an overcoat with a buttonhole and hat, they look around and smile. Boats surrounding a very large Dornier flying boat with six engines, Do-X. Hats of passengers watching it are visible. Passengers milling at boat's stern. The flying boat's passengers disembark. Air crew are checking it. Good view of the plane's nose. Close ups of its engines. The passengers' door. Inside the aircraft. Air crew's position, sink (?). Birdcage(?). Passengers sitting down and taking off their hats. Boat seen from plane's window. View of the wing from a window. Ship's deck as earlier, no crew visible. A tug. Tug in fairly heavy going passes by burning (?) ship. First ship's crew look over the side. Several shots of the tug. The Agnita in dry dock. Close view of the hull. Several large commercial ships in the harbour, one looks like a tanker. Man in suit stands in dry dock with the Agnita, for scale. The propeller in the dry dock.
Man in casual tweed suit plays golf in a garden, dog (spaniel?) chases the ball, which is tied to a string. A man in a naval cap and overcoat stands next to a man in a raincoat and flat cap, in front of the ship's bridge. Naval man stands with another man in raincoat, flat cap and glasses, ship's steward walks past carrying covered plate. Four men stand on deck and smoke. Man with moustache in coat and derby hat, stands next to crew member on deck. Ship's bow, doorway is visible. Passengers on deck. Lifeboat in stowed position. Men on deck, wind blows their coats. A coil of rope on deck. Ship's stern, sea beside it.

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