Film: 1288

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


1949 events

U.S.S. Noronic disaster. Excursion steamer destroyed by fire; gutted, smoking hulk. 189 people died; body bags. Jetsam.
Berlin blockade ends; train at station, trucks on road.
China crisis. Executions of suspected Communists in streets (not actually shown).
British cruiser, 'London', shelled - damage; 44 people killed. Evacuation of British and Americans up gangplanks. Nuns leaving.
View of street in Philadelphia. Philadelphia hosts American Legion rally; troops marching. Young drum majorette. Santa Claus in sleigh in middle of summer. Ticker-tape. Marching North American Indian band. Fluttering U.S. flags.
Pope Pius's 50th anniversary. Cheering crowds.
Atlantic pact signed. Lester Pearson of Canada signs, as does Robert Schumann (French Foreign Minister). Ernest Bevin. Dean Ascherson (U.S. Secretary of State). President Truman.
Ecuador earthquake; aerial shot of flattened town. Buildings collapsing. 6000 dead. Ruined church. Crushed car. Flooded river. Makeshift bridge. Andean peasants.
Mexican volcano, Mount Paracutin, smoke billowing. Photographer driven back by heat.

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