Film: 1289

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Events of 1951.
War in Korea. Floods in Mid West of United States. Japanese peace treaty signed. Riots in Iran. Conservative government, Churchill wins election. Princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip in the U.S.A. Korean War.
Archive film of Princess Elizabeth riding a horse at the Trooping of the Colour ceremony in London. Troops marching in line in their regimental uniforms. The Princess taking the salute. In Washington D.C. in the U.S.A. Princess Elizabeth descends aircraft steps from a Royal Canadian Airforce aircraft. She is followed by her husband the Duke of Edinburgh. The Princess meets and shakes the hands of President Truman, Mrs. Truman and their granddaughter Margaret. Prince Philip shakes the hands of the President and Mrs. Truman. Night time shots of the couple meeting crowds in Washington D.C. He wears his naval uniform.
In Trafalgar Square, central London on the night of the British General election of 1951. A couple of election returns are shown on a giant screen - Watford is narrowly won by the Labour Party after a recount, and Cheltenham which is more easily won by the Conservatives. Cartoon caricatures of the party leaders Attlee and cigar-smoking Churchill are shown on a large screen after their respective wins. Cheering crowds in the night. Daylight shot of Churchill looking pleased.

Iranian oil facilities seized from British control. British warships at sea. Arbitration talks. Demonstrations and running riots in streets of Tehran. Mr. Mosaddegh, Iranian leader at negotiations.

In U.S.A. the Mid-west flood disaster, caused by flooding River Missouri. People wading in floods. The centre of Kansas City under water, with an insurance company's offices clearly under water - hope they had taken their own advice. Fires break out elsewhere.
A Peace Treaty signed with the Japanese. Signatories at the United Nations included Canada's Lester Pearson, France's Robert Schumann, the U.K.'s Herbert Morrison, and the U.S. Secretary of State, Dean Atcheson. Japan's Premier Yoshida signs.
Korea - North Korean and Chinese military officers attend peace talks. Fighting, tanks, lots of used shell casings.

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