Film: 1292

Social History | 1890 | Silent | B/W


Family At Streatham And Bognor Regis
Family at play, women jump over a tennis net, two twin girls hold up 35mm film, holiday with nannies, Bognor Pier in the background

Women and girls in white dresses and all with large hats on and one man play 'keep up' over a low net. Little girls and boys in white frilly dresses and suits go under an arch made by two women. Men and women in various Edwardian dress come out of a house one at a time, a cart and horse where the boy riding it pretends to whip the horse. Men and women jump over a tennis net, which rises quickly several times trying to trip people up, a couple go sprawling, the women's skirts obviously give a lot of trouble, especially as they are concerned about no showing their ankles. A mother and her three daughters with dolls and needlework. Two girls give their frilly dressed brother kisses on the cheeks and then they all wave to the camera. The two girls try to blow bubbles with a pipe. Nurses and children at the seaside, all the children look very fat in their various layers.

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