Film: 1293

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Korea, Malaya, Iran, Festival of Britain plus UK sport, politics and royal family in 1951.

Korean war footage. Guns firing front line soldiers. Troops surrender. UN tanks. Kaesong peace talks. British soldiers receiving medals. General MacArthur returns to the U.S.A. Ticket tape parade. MacArthur speech in congress.

War in Malaya. Troops wade through waist high water in the jungle. Pakistan leader Ali Khan.

Iran street scenes. Dr Mosaddegh, Prime Minister of Persia, sitting in his bed. Oil refinery at Abadan. Riots and demonstrations in Tehran. British families in Iran are evacuated back to UK. Brits at airport and boarding a plane.
Egypt Farouk and his wife. Troops along the Suez Canal.
Herbert Morrison in Downing Street. Ernest Bevan.

Festival of Britain on South Bank London. Boats on the River Thames. Festival gardens.

Brief montage of sporting clips, Australia wins the ashes, University boat race, Grand National, Newcastle cup final, Artic Prince wins the Derby. Randolph Turpin boxing.
Westminster. Aneurin Bevan resigns. Atlee in Downing Street. Crowds in Trafalgar Square and election results in large screens. Churchill returns as Prime Minister. Antony Eden.
Princess Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh visit Canada. Niagara Falls and in Washington with President Truman in official open topped car. Reunion with Queen Mother back in Britain and speech at the Guild Hall.
Crowds at Buckingham Palace when King George VI has to undergo surgery.

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