Film: 1294

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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1) Bases For Bombers. Men versus mud B17s. Need for U.S.A. airbases. Nissen huts; canteen; queueing for and eating food; workers; ten-to-a-hut; concrete mixers; barren sites; concrete runways; Stirling takes off.
2) Kitchen front. Listening to wireless. How to use potatoes. Queue for rations. Food ration books; cooking meal; Freddie Grisewood ( BBC ) "Food Facts".
3) Camouflage in the desert ( 1942 ). Nets made by women in fishing town. Lines of women making nets. Factory in fishing village makes nets.
4) Soldiers' Night Out. Men and women in uniform. The Queensbury Club. ( London casino ). Wartime dancing on big stage. Dance. Band play. Audience watches dancing. Sweethearts and soldiers.

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