Film: 1296

Feature Drama | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Audrey Hepburn's first screen test followed by the same scene in the film 'Secret People'. The screen test earned her her role in Roman Holiday.
She is young, thin, beautiful, innocent and beguiling, and very energetic.

A man (in shadow) holds up a clipboard, showing the following information: Ealing Studios Ltd, Screentest for Audrey Hepburn, Director Thorold Dickinson, , Scene 31, Take 3; he clicks shut the top of the board, which he then removes from shot to reveal a young man and woman, standing in a sitting room, embracing one another as they talk; they look lovingly into each other's faces.

In the same room, the couple stand with their backs to the camera and slightly apart from one another; the camera looks between them into the room; a very young and thin Audrey Hepburn is standing by the door of the room, beaming; she runs over to the couple (and towards the camera); she has a fringe and long hair tied back in a pony tail; she wears a flowery skirt and a low scoop neck black t-shirt; she excitedly, and somewhat nervously, tells the couple that she has an audition to dance in a cabaret at a grand party; the woman walks out of shot and Audrey goes to follow her but is stopped by the man who takes hold of her arm; Audrey continues to talk to the man; the camera slowly zooms in on Audrey's innocent and wide-eyed face; the man then places his hands on the top of her arms and pats her comfortingly, as she stares wistfully past him.

A man holds up a clipboard for 'Secret People'; it says that the director is Thorold Dickinson; the cameraman is Gordon Dines; Scene 66; Take 2; the man clicks shut the top of the board and removes the board from shot; interior of a room, with a radio on a high shelf and a doorway; the door opens and Audrey rushes in; her hair hangs loose down her back behind a hair band; she wears a tailored checked jacket with belt and a skirt; she runs over (towards the camera) to a young man and woman who are sitting in the room (with their backs to the camera) and tells them excitedly about the audition; the man sits smoking; the woman stands up and she and Audrey embrace each other loosely as they talk and then hug each other closely; Audrey is over the moon about her audition; the man stands up, still smoking; the two women end their embrace but continue to take each other warmly by the arms; a waitress in a long apron enters the room (which is probably the kitchen of a tea-room) holding a cup of coffee; the woman hurries over to the waitress and then into the tea-room; Audrey takes leave of the man and follows the woman out of the room; the waitress takes the coffee to the man and hands it to him; she beams at him as she waits for him to taste it; in the background (through the open doorway) another waitress deals with a customer in the tea-room; Audrey rushes back into the room and asks the waitress to order her a taxi; the waitress leaves the room and Audrey steps over to talk to the man, who continues to drink his cup of coffee and smoke his cigarette; she tells him of her pre-audition nerves and then she rushes out of the room to find the music for the audition; the final image is of the man finishing his cup of coffee as, through the doorway, a waitress serves a customer at the counter in the tea-room.

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