Film: 1316

War + Military | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Film to train air raid personnel (A.R.P.) to handle incendiary bombs during World War Two blitz bombings.

Man holds an incendiary bomb. He demonstrates the fuse or priming mechanism. The bomb on fire under test conditions (looks like a school playground). It can be approached after ten minutes, a man approaches. The molten bomb. Hole burnt through wood underneath. Best way to tackle it is with a stirrup pump and buckets. A hose with a two purpose nozzle. Two men and a woman, not in uniform, man the buckets and hose. A man carefully opens the door of a burning building. Inside a room with burning furniture, man hoses it down from the doorway. Burning incendiary device on the floor. Man sprays the burning furniture. A man works the stirrup pump. A woman fills the bucket with water. Spraying the furniture again. The man and the woman manning the pump change places. Dousing the smouldering material - a nice old leather sofa. A man demonstrates how you can operate the pump and the hose on your own. The 'Redhill' outfit, looks like a converted coal scuttle, for covering the incendiary bomb with sand. A demonstration, the container with a shovel, sand is dumped on the incendiary then the sand and the bits of bomb are raked back into the container. The 'room' is now clearly visible as a mock-up in the corner of a playground. Finally how to use a bucket and spade if no Redhill is available.

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