Film: 1326

Art + Architecture | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Metal Craft has been produced to show how common metals are made into artistic and useful creations. 1930's

Demonstration material has been carefully selected. The methods of metal manipulation shown are modern, but carry with them suggestions of the past. Care has been taken to see that all essentials of the craft are presented in such a way that they will act as incentives towards further student experimentation.
The first sequence shows the mass production method of making a bowl. The revolving lathe and chuck are used to give a pewter disc a bowl shape. Molten pewter is poured into a mould to make the base for the bowl. Base and bowl are soldered together to make the finished creation.
In the next sequence, showing an ancient method of making a raised bowl, the craftsman hammers a flat, circular piece of bronze until it is hollowed out. Finishing touches include final shaping with the blow torch and the planishing hammer.
The third sequence depicts the mould as a reproducing device in the making of candlesticks. Into the space between the sand impression and an inner core, molten pewter is poured. After a few seconds the pewter has hardened, whereupon the candlestick is removed in its rough state. Lathe and trimming tools are used to remove the mould marks and impart a high lustre.
Finally a metal jewel box is shown in the making. All ornamentation is first worked out on paper and then transferred with carbon paper to the flat metal. The design is chased with hammer and chisel. Melted solder wires seal each joint. Lid, handle and legs add to the beauty of proportion and complete the work of art.

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