Film: 1342

War + Military | 1970 | Sound | Colour


R.A.F. training film.
Aerial view of RAF airfield. Aircraft comes into land. Aircraft taxiing. Take off from pilot's point of view. Horton Technical School. RAF students being trained as Weapons Fitters. Civil engineering studies. Students in class and in a workshop learning engineering skills. Working on a plane in hangar. Electronic and electrical circuit training. At an airfield a student gets a flight in a glider. Glider is winched into the air.
Parachute packers. Plane deploys a brake chute as it lands. The chute is recovered and taken back to the Survival Equipment Fitters' workshop. Testing and maintenance of survival equipment including dinghies and inflatable devices. Pilot is fitted for his flying suit and safety equipment. Safety harness testing. Aircraft safety equipment is tested in the cockpit. A pilot gets into a fighter jet and straps himself in. A helicopter conducts a sea rescue drill to test safety gear.
Parachutist comes into land, rather clumsily.

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