Film: 1344

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


An animated film which encourages recycling and salvage of useful materials, at a time of rationing, to help replace lost cargoes from blown up ships during World War Two. " Salvage for Victory"

An animated figure holds up a white board upon which various images are displayed: a ship, a torpedo blow that sinks the ship, a crate (part of the ship's load), a sack of salvage, a family - "perhaps your own". Next to the black figure is the word "Isotype". Crude animation of ships sailing to America. The convoy is guarded by war ships on either side, there are planes overhead escorting the fleet. In mid-Atlantic a ship is sunk by a torpedo, graphically represented by an explosion which looks more like a small white star, and accompanied by a cymbal crash. Further ships explode and are sunk. The convoy passes a lighthouse - approaching the harbour. The next picture is of small triangular roofed factories with chinmeys. The crates of cargo go into the factories. Smoke comes out of the chimneys. Because some ships were lost there are not enough crates for all of the factories. These buildings are empty. Little lorries "trundle" out of the factories and pick up salvage to take back to the factories that are empty. "More salvage wanted, more must be saved". A screen appears on whichthere are pictures of the type of things saved by "you the people": waste paper, scrap metal, bones. But this salvage is not enough to make uo for the amounts lost at sea.
A lorry moves on, passing trees and stopping near a house. It goes past houses with a loud speaker: "Save for the factory, save a few ounces". Inside a home the cartoon people waste various items: paper, tins, bones. Scales weigh the things that are wasted, this is multiplied by all the other houses in the street and town. Sacks turn into tonnes. A map of Great Britain is shown with tonnes of salvage appearing all over it. "One day of salvage can make up the loss of one ship sunk on the way across". Ships of salvage replace little ships that are blown up.

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