Film: 1345

Entertainment + Leisure | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Radio Controlled models model aircraft and model trains, model boats.
View from the cockpit of pilot landing a plane at London Airport.
Model plane or radio controlled plane in flight. A man operates a model plane. A model car is played with by a man and boy. In a workshop the man is testing his model car. Boy plays with remote control car indoors on wooden floor.
A man flies a model flying boat on a lake and it crashes. He later holds the broken pieces of his plane. Radio controlled speed boats on a lake. A model boat rally in St Albans, with lots of enthusiasts watching.
National Model flying championships at Lavington RAF air base Wiltshire. Large crowds are assembled for the action. A model Gloucester Game Cock plane is readied for competition.
Radio controlled planes on a wire. Two men engage is what looks like a bizarre circular dance as they fly planes at high speed without getting wires tangled.

Use of models for engineering purposes.
Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough. A display of model Concorde designs used by engineers in the development of super sonic planes. Hovercraft models being tested.
Machines of tomorrow! A hover rail train model is tested on a raised circular track.

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