Film: 1347

Food + Drink | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Outline low fat spread advertising film. Good 1970's family and meal times.

Couple walking arm in arm. Woman fitting belt around her small waist. Health factor in being slim. Fat cartoon people. Title credits. Outline slimming bureau. Fat man in bed, doing exercise. Food nutritional information, protein, vitamins, etc. Family eating cornflakes. Breakfast of egg, bacon, sausage. What are calories? Calories in fats and carbohydrates. Scale exercise not as important as diet. Housewife doing exercises. What an average housewife consumes, as opposed to energy burned, per day, cakes, fried food, etc. Outline low fat spread on Ryvita. Principle of slimming. Women should eat 1200 calories a day. Men 1800. Using a calorie guide. Shots of high and low calorie foods. Woman going into shops with calorie guide in hand. Don't eat sugar, fried food or alcohol. Artificial sweeteners. Outline. Low calorie bread. Scale and weight chart. High protein foods. Weigh yourself weekly. Cut down on carbohydrates. Family eating fruit salad. Be slim rather than satisfied. Diets and dieting advice.

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