Film: 1349

Adverts | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Kodak camera film commercial. The production of nitrate film 1920's

A man in a suit opens a large cupboard which is full of silver ingots, or bullion. Intertitle: Nitric acid attacks silver as fearlessly as it does cotton - an illustration of monster like hands reaching out of a vat of acid to grab a piece of silver bullion. Silver bullion in the bottom of a large tank. Hands in thick rubber gloves arrange the bars in the tank. Nitric acid is poured into the vat from large jugs; bubbles begin to form on the surface of the acid as it starts dissolving the silver. Intertitle: Only it makes more fuss about it. Shot of the vat of acid, it is now bubbling and fizzing violently. Intertitle: She boils - an illustration of a kettle boiling. A hand in thick rubber gloves and protective sleeves reaches into the seething vat of acid and picks up the partially dissolved bar of silver. The hand grabs another bar; this one is very much more dissolved with huge chunks and holes missing. A shot of a tiny piece of silver left from the bar. Inside a large factory, men in rubber overalls and gloves work around large dishes of still steaming nitric acid; they pick the bowls up and move them. Intertitle: like a frosted window pane. Close up of silver nitrate crystals developing after the evaporation of the nitric acid - they cover the surface of the container like frost. A container full of shards of silver nitrate crystals. A bowl with large shards of silver nitrate crystals, they are sprayed from a hose held close to the crystals. The interior of a busy factory, men in rubber overalls and gloves spray the silver nitrate crystals - row upon row of bowls of acid and crystals stretch out behind them. Intertitle: The Silver Nitrate is stored in aluminium drying closets'. A tired looking man in a uniform with 'CHEMICAL PLANT' stencilled on the back opens the door of a drying cupboard, he heaves out one of the trays of silver nitrate crystals and stirs them with a stick, he makes a note in his notepad, behind him another man pulling a large trolley stacked high with trays of crystals approaches. Emulsion is created by dissolving potassium bromide and gelatine in hot water, a clear glass container shows the chemicals mixing and being stirred with a glass implement. Intertitle: Coating machines spread the sensitive emulsion evenly on the transparent base that was made from cotton. The Film that comes from the machine is very similar to the film you buy in the yellow carton for your Kodak. A man in overalls works a coating machine, with a huge sheet of celluloid in. Intertitle: Absolute control of both temperature and mixture is necessary at this stage of film making to insure quality and uniformity. Temperature is controlling by means of several great refrigerating machines. Machines at work, frantic automated movements of the refrigeration machines, lots of spinning arms and levers. A perforation machine stamps perforations in a reel of film. Intertitle: ' The perforation machines must work with perfect precision; else there will be jumpiness on the screen.' Close up of the various parts of the perforation machine as it stamps sprocket holes into a reel of film.

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