Film: 1350

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


South East London " one small area of Dockland " the aftermath of a bombing raid on London during World War Two, probably Bermondsey 1940's

The emergency help provided by the Women's Voluntary Service W.V.S. Digging through the rubble, bombed out houses, a cooker stands in the middle of a bombed site. A woman brushes her step, a woman looks out of a broken window. People come into an emergency rest centre and are greeted by a friendly vicar. Middle class woman helps working class victims to fill out their "Bombed Out" forms for taking to the council. Women talk about how despite losing their homes " Hitler hasn't deprived her of her cup of tea, oh no." At the rest centre, meals are prepared, a roly poly pudding is wrapped in a muslin cloth, children play a game with a tea set, women scrub floors, a collection into the hat goes around in the pub, a van arrives with clothes and food. At night the bombers come again, everyone goes into the shelters, a market porter, a printer, mother and children, The vicar, in a dog collar and tin hat, leads a sing song of the "Old Bull And Bush ", then he leads a prayer for safety that night, everyone beds down while the noise of the planes droning and bombs exploding can be heard outside.

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