Film: 1361

Royalty | 1910 | Sound | B/W


Funeral of Edward VII May 21 1911 and coronation George V 2 June 1911.

A royal funeral procession moves through the Mall in London May 21 1911. Funeral is of King Edward V11. Sunny day. The King's dog walks in the procession behind the gun carriage. Also his favourite horse. Foreign Kings, Princes and dignitaries in procession. Scene at Windsor station where the funeral train is unloaded and the coffin is borne on a gun carriage drawn by sailors in white hats and guardsmen in busbys. Coffin is draped with the Union Jack and has the imperial crown and the orb on the top. Gun carriage passes in front of the camera. The new king, King George V and other foreign royals walk in the procession, these incude the Kings of Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark, Norway and Bulgaria.

The Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary (later to be asassinated at Sarajevo and the cause of the outbreak of World War One) is there. Also the former President of the United States Theodor Roosevelt. Cortege and followers arrive at St. Georges Chapel. Coffin is removed from the carriage and the crown and orb are removed. The coffin is borne up the chapel steps by servicemen. Dignitaries process behind it. - Change to the unveiling of the memorial to Queen Victoria outside Buckingham Palace. 16 May 1911. George V does the unveiling he is accompanied by Queen Mary, The Kaiser, The Kaiserin and many members of the royal family. They walk in procession from Buckingham Palace. The two princes are there, voice:- ;'the Princes are taller than when we last saw them.' We see the covers fall from the memorial.

Another procession in th Mall. The coronation of King George V (June 2 1911) the procession returning to Buckingham Palace from Westminster Abbey. Voice: ' The last of the great processions from the pre-war days'. (Commentary must have been added before September1939.) A mounted band leads the procession, the front horse with two enormous drums on its sides They are banged vigourously by the rider. Spectators in decorated stands at the side of the road wave energetically. The coronation coach, drawn by eight horses, passes in front of the camera. The King wearing a crown can be seen at the window of the carriage. He does not wave. - End.

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