Film: 1362

Royalty | 1950 | Silent | Colour


Coronation of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II.

Coronation Day Buckingham Palace. Horse procession comes out of the gates. The gold State carriage with the Queen inside. Servicemen (Navy and Guardsmen) are drawn up outside. Liveried footmen walk beside the carriage. 2 children (Prince Charles and Princess Anne) watch from a window in the palace. The procession moves down the highly decorated Mall. Huge crowds everywhere. We follow the coach and procession through the streets. Thousands cheer and wave. The Queen Mother and Princess Margaret arrive at the Abbey in a horse-drawn coach. Everywhere is decked with flags and bunting for the occasion. Soldiers marching. View of sailors among the crowds lining the streets. The State coach with the Queen arrives at the Abbey. Crowds cheer and wave.

The Queen alights and goes into the Abbey assisted by train bearers. Inside the Queen is escorted by a high-up church dignitary. Dr. Fisher, the Archbishop Canterbury, places the crown on the Queen's head. Ceremony viewed from various angles. High up view of crowned Queen coming down the aisle of the Abbey.. The Queen re-enters State coach, Ladies in Waiting help to load her train into the coach after her. End of Part 1. - Part ll - Minor Royals in an open carriage. Viscount Montgomery (Monty) in robes of the Order of the Garter enters a horse-drawn carriage. Very heavy rain. View of crowned Queen entering the gold State carriage
at the Abbey. Close up of occupants. The coach moves off. It passes close to the camera, 2 occupants. It passes close the cenotaph in Whitehall. Huge crowds all around on pavements and some in specially built stands. View of the procession moving down a street. Coach enters Hyde Park through the gates at Hyde Park Corner. March past of Commonwealth personnel. Royal Canadian Mounted Police in scarlet tunics. The Duchess of Kent and the young Prince Charles pass in a coach
also the Queen Mother who waves. Close up of the Queen holding a sceptre. The coach comes out of the park gates. A view of Queen Salote of Tonga who rode in an open carriage in spite of the rain and waved at everybody. The State carriage passes through Piccadilly Circus. View of the end of the Mall as the coach moves towards Buckingham Palace. It goes into the palace grounds. Crowds wave. Crowd assembles at the gates of the palace. Royal family comes out onto the balcony and waves. Queen Mother, Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Margaret are all there and the young Prince Charles and Princess Anne. They watch the fly-past by the R.A.F. Last view of the royals on the balcony, crowds cheering. - End.

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