Film: 1366

Royalty | 1950 | Silent | B/W


Death of George VI, flags on buildings at half mast, indoor portraits of the King with vases of flowers. Royal coat of arms. Caption superimposed - 'The funeral procession of his late majesty King George Vl. Poor quality film of soldiers assembled fort the funeral procession. Also crowds of people waiting. Lines of soldiers slow marching. A band slow marching. Soldiers in busbys. Pictures taken from overhead.

Army chiefs of staff move forward. A horse in the leading part of the procession has two large drums at its sides. Distant view of the gun carriage bearing the coffin. Dignitaries in top hats march by in formation. A detachment of marines draws the gun carriage. As similar detachment marches behind with ropes and harness to prevent the hearse from running away. The coffin is draped in the royal standard. It has the crown, the orb and sceptre on it. View of the leading enclosed carriage. This is followed by four other carriages. Crowds on the pavements. General view of the scene. - End.

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