Film: 1376

Politics | 1940 | Mute | B/W


Un - American Activities Committee at Washington receives Hollywood Stars 1947.

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall in the audience listening to the testimony. Geraldine Biraks listening. General view of the crowded committee room. Bogart, Bacall and June Haver spotlighted in the audience. Chairman J. Parnell Thomas takes the oath. Thomas bangs on his desk with a hammer. John Howard Lawson, the screen writer, and one of accused 'un americans' or communists talks to the press or journalists. Lawson leaves the court. Head and shoulders view of Lawson. Posed group of writers on the steps outside the court / committee who 'support the amendment' including Lewis Milestone, Dalton Trumbo. Film directors Irving Pichel, Edward Dmytryk and Raft Rasson (?). Bogart and Bacall outside in the street with the Washington Capitol dome in the background. Group of film stars with Capitol in the background including Richard Conte, June Haver, Bogart, Bacall, Evelyn Keyes, Stirling Hayden, Danny Kaye and Paul Henreid. Stars arrive at committee building en masse including Sam Wanamaker. General view of the scene inside the hearings. Bogart and Bacall get into a car. Another view of the posed group of stars. Adolph Menjou gives evidence. Robert Taylor also . Ronald Reagan gives evidence. (no Mccarthy in this film )
(Unfortunately, a mute print)

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