Film: 1383

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


British Medical Association trip in 1935. Voyage by liner to Yemen, the Suez Canal, Egypt, Malta, Gibraltar. Amateur home movie.

Intertitle "Leaving Bombay and Saying Farewell to Our South African Friends." People walking down the gangplank of a ship. Men on the quayside talk, smoke and wave. Indians in turbans walk past. Newspaper stand headline 'Italian Offensive Renewed' probably referring to invasion of Abyssinia. The Indians remove the gangplank. Small boats carrying cargo.

Intertitle "Approaching Aden." Various people on the deck of the liner. Views of Aden, Yemen and other ships in the harbour. A car travels along a road.

Intertitle "Going through the Suez Canal." Views of the Canal and its surroundings.

Intertitle "Overland Party to Suez Cairo and Port Said." Views from a moving vehicle of the landscape.

Intertitle "Mena House and Views of the Pyramids and Sphinx." The tourists travel on a road by camel, led by native guides. One woman carries a sunshade. Some of the men wear pith helmets. A large group of tourists on camels coming towards the camera. In the distance, the group travel on camels across the horizon. Reflection of a palm tree in the water. The pyramid and Sphinx. Tourists among the ruins, they wave at the camera, their guide wears a fez. The men and camels rest.

Intertitle "Cairo."

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