Film: 1385

Sport | 1950 | Silent | B/W


Crazy water related activities. Includes a number of crashes and 'bloopers'. Man on aquaplane (a large board) being pulled along by motor boat. Two men on same. Numerous men on same. Five men water skiing behind a motor boat dressed in Victorian swim suits. A shot of two of them messing about. Two men water skiing. One goes up ramp, leaves skis behind and runs up, cut to another water skier who also leaves skis behind but is dragged up ramp. he falls off edge of ramp just after the previous skier has jumped over him. People skiing up ramp and falling into water. Man jumps from ramp into water holding parasol. Women in swimsuits in a long line, water skiing behind a single motor boat. Women water skiing with more women on their shoulders. Man waves while water skiing past camera. Three men supporting two women on their shoulders while water skiing. Four men jump ramp in unison. One man jumps ramp and while air borne another water skier passes underneath him. Three men jumping ramp in line (two crash into water). Male water skier jumps, twists but loses ski. Group of men running off high board into a swimming pool. As they fall they turn in the air and act as if they are still running. Man performs comic acrobatics on a high spring board (shot from above) and eventually falls into pool below. Man does deliberate belly flop from a high spring board. Diver pretends to fall off side of board. Another holds a pose as he falls. (Shot from pool side). Diver performs pirouette and then falls from board. Two men fall into pool together (quite a clever shot). The grand finale of their show is more acrobatics on the diving board. Film reversed in order to make it look as if team are jumping out of water. Trained porpoise / dolphin in zoo / aquarium, being fed fish. Under water shots of the dolphins. The dolphin throwing the fish back to its feeder. Dolphin collecting rubber rings, diving through hoops. Seal collecting rings around neck under water. Dolphin in stream towing surf board with dog and woman in a bikini on board. Groups of people on three 'sledges' being towed on water by a speed boat, jumping over ramps. Man being towed by speed boat using a circular board next to him. The man on the circular board picks up chair, puts it on board, stands on it, begins to turn. Does the same on step ladders but falls off. Small outboard motor / speed boats in marshy area (could be Florida). Jump ramps, speed under washing lines (some clothes are pulled away), crash on to land, driver tipped out of boat. Speed boats jumping on water. Speeding across land (James Bond style), jumping ramps (in slow motion as well as normal speed). Some crashing, a driver being thrown out of boat, another going on its end.

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