Film: 1389

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Hong Kong, China, Asia 1960's
Overview of the harbour, Sampan house boats. Boats of the harbour. Harbour front. Early skyscrapers, although not many, traditional houses, people in the streets, rickshaws, double decker trams, shopping street, Kowloon, liners, Nathan Road, crowded, open air market, housing problems, vast housing blocks, route master buses, Repulse Bay, smart private houses, threat from China, commentary says the Reds could invade at any time, the border controls, Macau, streets, cycles and cycle rickshaws. Three shots of the harbour at Macau, 2 shots of Macau streets with pedestrians with bicycles and cycle taxis, and one 14 second long shot of the Portuguese colony. Hong Kong, "bastion of freedom". Very 'Cold War' commentary.

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