Film: 139

Adverts | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Cartoons by H. M. Bateman, animated by David Barker. Advert for Shell petrol 1920's

At garage, petrol tanker backs in with 'HOOZIZIT Petrol' on side. Garage owner rejects it. Second tanker appears: 'Pop Back No.1', owner rejects it too. Third tanker is 'Any Old No.1'. He fills his pump with it. Car driver stops and rejects 'No.1', but points to 'Shell'. Words appear on screen: 'Anticipation', 'Determination'. Garage mechanic runs away, another appears with can marked 'No.1 Motor Spirit' but car driver is adamant - he wants 'Shell'. 'Repudiation'. Driver kicks petrol pump attendant. 'Exasperation'. Original mechanic appears with can marked 'Shell Motor Oil'. 'Approbation', 'Discrimination'. The driver holds can of Shell and does a little dance. He spins like a top. 'Jubilation', 'Fascination', 'Gratification'. He pours petrol into car with aid of funnel. 'Appreciation'. He drives off. On a steep slope, another car breaks down. Our hero shunts him up the hill. Both cars stop at top of hill and talk about petrol. 'Education'. Driving along is 'Exhilaration'. An unhappy man stands by his car. First driver shows him can of Shell. 'Recommendation'. Driver whistles for his car which promptly comes. He gives it oil. Thief takes petrol can as driver is in deep 'Concentration', but driver turns around, hits thief who disappears in puff of smoke. Another car breaks down - no petrol. First driver provides Shell, 'Salvation'.

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