Film: 1394

Adverts | 1950 | Sound | B/W


American television adverts or commercials, many from 1959.

1. Beechnut peppermint gum, comic advert in restaurant with waiters.
2. Animated 1959 Ford cars.
3. Animated Altes Golden lager beer.
4. Animated NSP Northern States Power.
5. 'G' beer, Animated
6. Animated Snowdrift shortening.
7. Animated Taystee rolls.
8. Animated NSP ad.
9. 1959 Ford ad with stills and graphics.
10. Another Snowdrift shortening ad with animated posh Englishman cliché character.
11. Part animated for National Bohemian Beer plus working men drinking beer.
12. Kent cigarettes, man says they have great taste.
13. S.S.S. iron tonic, Eddy Arnold says how good it is, plus his stump.
14. Rise shaving foam.
15. Family lunch, Golden Harvest pumpkin pie. Pet milk, Fluffo, good housewife.
16. John Stanley tells us about Seiberling tyres or tires.

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