Film: 1395

War + Military | 1930 | Silent | B/W


'SUPER TANKS! Amazing exhibition of latest army monsters.' 1930's

Clip starts with a row of American tanks driving through smoke screen on a grassy stretch of land. Then one of the tanks speeds across a dip in the terrain landing comfortably without effecting its momentum. A head-on shot follows the two tanks behind the first one, crossing the same obstacle. A low head-on angle of two tanks crossing this same piece of ground. Shot of tank negotiating a small hillock. It rises up and crashes down on higher ground continuing its journey. The same piece of action is repeated in slowmotion.

'BIG ONES IN FRANCE TOO!' Clip of First World War style tank flattening some bushes, then a row of small trees. It continues its exercise and negotiates blocks of wood sunken into the ground that act as tank traps. The heavy tracks of the tank push the wooden obstacles down into the earth and it continues its momentum. Next the tank is seen from behind approaching a wall. Camera switches to head-on shot as tank crashes through the brick wall. It then ploughs through the front of a single terrace ruin. 1938. Probably a British tank in France.

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