Film: 1401

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Goole in East Yorkshire 1930's

Opening intertitle: "On the East Coast LMS cargo steamers from the Port of Goole serve Amsterdam, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Ghent, Copenhagen and Hamburg"
Shipyards, docks and bridge at Goole , East Yorkshire. Porters with trolleys carry goods onto a boat. Large wooden crates are clear in the background. Large bales of cotton are lifted by hooks onto the boat. Large carcasses in a crate ready to be transported. Interesting combination of mechanised loading and manual loading methods. Precursor to our modern container ports. Close-ups of mechanised equipment. Close up of boat name 'Don Goole'.
Intertitle: "Capt. W C King, Master of SS "Don". Excellent shot of Captain at helm of ship communicating instructions to the engine room, with shipyards in the background. Ships horn is sounded. Tug boats pull out SS Goole as she reverses away from quay. Interesting short film with valuable footage of early mechanisation. Concentrates exclusively on the harbour area around Goole. Porters wear period dress.

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