Film: 1409

Shipping | 1960 | Silent | Colour


Amateur home movie. Nice colour. Trip on the Lakonia which later caught fire and subsequently sank with loss of life in 1963. Film stock dated 1961.

Aboard cruise-ship 'Lakonia' bound for Canary Isles. Scenes on-board ship, swimming pool and sun-deck. Madeira - Welcome of boats. Good shots of Ocean Liner Lakonia. Toboggan run with camera on-board-two-seater basker with runners to slide over cobbles on steep hill. Scenes of Madeira and mountains. Into another Harbour (probably St. Palmas) being guided by tug. At sea once more and swim in ship's pool with games. Back on land with walk around house and its lovely gardens. Scenes of shoreline from ship, Portugal. Shots of passing trawler and merchant vessels. Excellent shot of Cunard's flagship 'Queen Elizabeth' as we arrive back at Southampton? Queen Mary in dock. Excellent colour.

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