Film: 1422

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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London in World War Two, the Blitz.
London buses at dusk on Oxford Street. Entrance to air raid shelter. Searchlights with listening crews. Families make their way to the public shelters. Dusk over London. The sound of German aircraft bombers can be heard as the searchlights are turned on. Repeated gun shell fire and ack-ack or anti-aircraft fire can be heard in the background. Searchlight crews are briefly lit up by the light coming from explosions and anti-aircraft guns. St. Paul's is dramatically backlit for a few seconds as the bombing continues. Fireman attend to the fires that have started. Dawn. London. Bomb damaged streets. Office workers inspect bomb damage as they walk to work. Double decker bus upended and lodged against the side of a building as air raid patrolmen inspect the bomb damage in and around the area. Tube train rides along track precariously balanced beside damaged wall. Workers being taken to work by horse and carriage and open topped truck. Glass from shattered shop windows is swept onto the pavement. Homes are cleared of belongings and possessions after bomb damage has taken its toll. The King and Queen survey the bomb damage, and talk to men at site. Air raid patrolmen dig through debris, one with pick-axe. Fire crews attempt to extinguish raging fire. People move their goods out of their bomb damaged homes and children are evacuated by bus from London. Royal Air Force bombers are given fresh payloads of bombs. Bombers seen in flight, during day light hours. Additional footage of clearing up after nightly bomb raid. Air raid patrolmen. A cat is rescued by ARP men.

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