Film: 1427

Industry + Work | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Lancashire Industry 1930's
Beyer Peacock and Avro aircraft
Manchester ship canal. Launch of ship. Factory.
Lancashire countryside. Waterwheel and cotton mill. Mill wheel rotates. Large, long mill with bars on windows. Cotton mill. Man working with cotton weaving machine. A paper mill with men throwing raw products - wood pulp? Into vat with running water. Large rolls of paper, the end product. Hat making. Male hat makers work on hats and blocks. A close up of a female milliner working closely on a hat. Glass foundry. Large sheet of hot glass is cut by automatic choppers. Man fits lifting device with suction pads attached to raise sheet of glass on one side. Wireless sets on an aerial conveyor and electric meters being worked on by women. Cables. Rolling up cables. Lorries drive large cable drums away from factory of B. I. Cables probably in Prescot, Burnley. Iron and steel. Coke trucks. Steelworks. Steel bubbling over and running down side of container. Engineering, girders, a box girder bridge with a ship underneath. Precision engineering - man checking a measurement with a measure. Man turning large metal wheel. Locomotive construction and foundry. Engine LMS 4974 outside in steam. Shipbuilding. Riveting. High-winged biplane aircraft taxiing and in flight. Coal mine, pit head as it winds, two shirtless miners underground mining in Lancashire. Use of pick, but also mechanical method of coal mining. Men sort coal on a conveyor above ground. Furnace man shovels coal into oven. Giant beam engine beam. Solitary tall smoking factory chimney. Electricity generation. Manchester Ship Canal, exports from Britain. Craning goods into hold of ship. Dockers unhook pallet of goods in hold. Tug pulls ship. Four funnelled ship.
Lancashire Industry. Men at work in engineering industry. Factory. From which sprung up new industries and products. Steam Locomotives - some with tender at each end.. LMS 4974. Shipbuilding. Launch of unknown ship. Aeroplanes. Close up of propeller. Distant Plane in flight. More ships on Manchester Ship Canal. Cargo boxes going into the hold of a ship from crane.

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