Film: 1435

Railways | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Film about the modernising of the railways circa 1967/8.

First shots are of Freightliner container on lorries and transferable to rail trucks. Shows freightliners entering Balmoral Castle, H.M. The Queen's holiday home in the highlands of Scotland. Cuts to meat carcasses being loaded into refrigerated containers in Aberdeen for shipment to the London market. On side of lorry is painted 'Scotch beef for Sainsbury's. Views of containers being loaded on to trains and being loading at docks to ships. Freight trains are loaded to cross-channel ferries. Views of the building of extra wide container ships at South Shields. Change to 100 ton tank wagons linked up in a train. (BP & Shell) Views of the track and a modern signal box. Instruments at track level measure the heat of the axle boxes on passing trains. Modern techniques to operate the passenger information indicator at Charing Cross Station, London. Modern Leeds City Station .

Television screens and cameras record and pass information to passengers. Then to a modern restaurant at Birmingham New Street Station. There is also a bar. Modern station at Pudsey in Yorkshire. Station has parking spaces for up to, 600 cars to encourage the use of the train. While the signals and track outside Paddington Station in London is being renewed and modernised, trains are diverted to Marylebone Station and Olympia Station in Kensington, London. For the Western Region some trains terminate at Ealing Broadway station. A new 'Master' signal box is located at Old Oak Common. Express passenger train from Bournemouth to London,. New modern lounge for passengers. This a prototype but the idea did not catch on. Hovercraft. New larger capacity Hovercraft SRN4 is introduced between Dover and Boulogne, France. Journey takes 35 minutes. Vessel carries passengers and vehicles. 6 trips a day in each direction. A Hovercraft sets off noisily across the sea The container lorries seen at the beginning of the film arrive in the early hours at Buckingham Palace.

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