Film: 1440

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1960 | Sound + Silent | B/W


John F Kennedy newsreels:

Photograph of JFK at about 10 years old. Photograph as a teenager climbing onto a yacht. In naval uniform. Film of JFK coming into a drawing room with Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy seated, holding their daughter Caroline; Kennedy takes Caroline and bounces her on his knee. The Kennedys at a harbour in Massachusetts. Kennedy with Cardinal Spellman. Giving a speech on the question of his religion. On a trip to Anchorage, Alaska with Jackie, meeting and greeting passers-by. Speaking to delegates in New York on Independence Day about his young age. Banner supporting Kennedy for the 1960 Presidential Election. Greeting a crowd of supporters. Boarding a campaign train. Female supporters. Speaking on the issue of liberty, democracy and the Iron Curtain. Speaking to a press conference on the newly independent African states and the lack of American troops stationed there. Another speech attacking policy of the Republican Party.

7mins 14secs.
JFK Memorial, 10 December 1964
View of a sign directing to the Dallas Trade Mart. Unveiling of a monument outside the Trade Mart where Kennedy was heading on the day he was assassinated. Bishop of Coventry, Reverend Cuthbert, gives a speech. Bishop touches the bald-headed eagle that stands on the memorial. Plaque on memorial.

The Warren Commission. Including Gerald Ford. Portrait of JFK.

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